Prevention is better than curse so Shopycash cares about your safety and wellness.

Here are the few points for everyone to stay safe, please keep follow and stay safe.

Kill Coronavirus and stay happy Healthy

Not become Touchy

– Keep maintain the proper distance with the people.
– Do not go for meeting.
– Do not go outside for Parties.
– Stay at home and become safe.

Hygiene yourself and your Family members

– Always wash your hands even you touch anything by chance.
– Do not forget to sanitize your hands before eating food and touch your body.
– Keep a habit of sanitizing and wash your hands.
– Sanitize your home and do not allow to people to come from outside.

Routine Health Checkup

– Do health checkup by yourself on daily basis.
– If you feel some squeezing so please drink warm water.
– Even always drink the warm water so that all the viruses will kill.

So guys if you are looking more latest news related Coronavirus visit : MyGov.In/covid-19/

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